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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is DivineBoosting?

DivineBoosting is a platform that serves as an intermediary service between players and boosters. We provide a safe and secure environment where everyone can purchase high end boosting services from boosters located all over the world for their games of choice. All the boosters our platform has to offer are Pro/Semi-Pro players in their respective games.

2. Are you guys trustable?

We have been a cornerstone of the boosting service for over 5 years and so far, with over tens of thousands order completed, we have amassed a 95% positive response rate from our customers . You can check our feedback and reviews section located in the homepage for additional reference. Of course, all of our reviews have been collected by an external provider not owned by us, to assure the legitimacy of the reviews.

3. On which platforms/regions are your services available?

We offer services on all platforms and regions thanks to our booster lineup composed of highly skilled and professional players from all over the gaming spectrum. We operate globally ( NA / EU / ASIA / OCE ) and on all platforms ( PC / Playstation / XBOX)